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*Final price on the checkout page might vary slightly due to daily fluctuations
of exchange rates with the ticketing supplier.

ticket for bootcamp covers:
  • full day workshop
  • beautiful lunch
  • certification of attendance
  • free entry to UX Camp Day and UX Tequilas
  • * we issue vat invoices

ticket for
ux camp covers:
  • participation in UXCamp Day
  • beautiful lunch
  • entry to UX Tequilas

May 29-30 Gdynia Poland


Can I buy many tickets at once?

Great question. We like selling multiple tickets. Sadly our online ticketing platform allows for purchasing single ticket per one transaction. If you intend to purchase multiple tickets and / or want to pay via direct bank transfer please write to tickets@productcamp.pl.

Do you issue VAT invoices?

What sort of question is that. Of course we do. While making a purchase, please provide your company details and we’ll dispatch the invoice as soon as the funds are processed by the payment company. If you required a pro-forma invoice to initiate a direct transfer from within your accounting department, tickets@productcamp.pl.

Can I swap one workshop for another after buying a ticket?

Short answer: No. Longer answer: Sorry, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to support such requirement. Tickets are sold in batches, priced independently and sell out at different speeds, hence we would not be able to reconcile these batches if people begin to swap.

How can I return a ticket?

You can return your ticket until the 30th of April 2015. Please wirte to tickets@productcamp.pl.
if you wish to do so. You might experience a) an up to 14 days delay in processing the refund b) intermittent waves of regrets and second-thoughts.

I won’t be able to come. Can I give my ticket to someone else?

Seriously? Dude. This is likely going to be the best UX event in central-eastern Europe. Listen, the call is yours. If you want to be so generous, that’s fine by us. Please only let us know the details of the ticket recipient by emailing to tickets@productcamp.pl.